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Art Room Activities

"The Toy Art Room" and "Dicky Gillam's Art Room"

Simon Pettitt

Activities in the new art room. This refers to the art room made by extending what had been Room 11 southwards and adding side windows. This was not ideal for art work because of the variable quality of the light. The original art room had been at the north-east corner with large windows to catch the north light.

Activities in the 'New' Art Room

The 'New' Art Room (photo 2004)

The 'New' Artroom in 2004

The 'Old' Art Room (plan view)

T he original art room was located at the north-east corner of the school with large windows to catch the north light. This was the haunt of "Dickie" Gillam the earlier art master who only had one useful hand and arm but did very well in spite of his handicap. His aim with a board rubber was very accurate!

The 'Old' Artroom in 2004 - Top left