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Various locations from many contributors

Cadet Camp circa 1948 ?

From Ray Foord

Cadet Camp c.1948

Cadets circa 1947 ?

From Ray Foord

Cadets c.1947

Cirencester Camp 1960

From Roger Meyer

Back L/R:Dalton, ?, ?, Malcolm Herriott, ?, ?, Monty Waite.
Front L/R:Tim Yarrow, Roger Meyer, Joe Watmore, Jim Firth, Bob Smith, Charlie Armstrong. Cirencester Camp 196?

Annual Parade 1962

From Nigel Stickells and Derek Billett

Cadets L/R: Peter Waight, Alan Flower, Derek Billett, Nigel Stickells, Melvyn Carter, Kenneth Lawson, Peter Lane.
Annual Parade1962

L/R: David Highwood, Capt Gordon Roberts, (front rank) Andrew Bond, Dick Mussell,
Steve Morling,?,?, Alan Flower, Derek Billett.
The only fully visible person in the middle rank is Jenner with Peter Morling just visible in the middle rank. Annual Parade1962

ATC School Flight - 1940

From John Glenister

There were three Flights in the Lewes ATC Squadron - the School Flight, the Bec Flight and the Town Flight. At that time we were host to Bec School, evacuated from London. There were, presumably, more cadets to the right of Mr Bradshaw but, not having a panoramic camera, the Squadron was photographed in two parts. These would be boys from the School and Bec.

Officers L/R: Messrs. Larwill, ?, ?, ?, Bradshaw, ?, Barton, ? School Flight 1940

Thetford 1955

From Barry Johnson

Competition Guard - L to R : Sgt. ?, Cpl Barry Johnson, L/Cpl Robin Stapley, ?, ?. Thetford 1955

1956 - RAF Spitalgate

From John Gregory

Clearing out some boxes untouched by me for years I came across this photograph of the LCGS cadet camp in April 1956 at R.A.F. Spitalgate, Grantham, Lincolnshire. I had noted the names on the back of the photo. I had only put surnames - we didn't seem to use first names much then! But I do know some of the first names, and some nicknames, so I have included those in the following list. With the help of other friends from school still living in the Newhaven and Seaford area, I could probably put first names and nicknames to several more of them and I will do that later.

Back row, L to R: Ayrton, Brook, Welford, Greatorex, Longley, Silk, Helmer, Hodson, Bentley.
Middle row: Routhan, Harrison, Robert "Bob" Whistler, "Chub", Russell, Smith,
Deacon, Axell, Michael "Mick" Poll, Woolmer, Simmonds
First row: Peter "Tin" Noel, Walker, Molloy, Beard, Spence, Captain "Albert" Hall,
Pilot Officer Clement, Coote, Dietmar Bennett, John Gregory
Cadet 1956

Easter 1958 - RAF Debden

From Phil Styles

Back Row - 3rd from left - Robert Smith, then Jimmy Firth (4th), Charlie Armstrong, Peter Hodson.
Middle Row - 6 from left - Michael Pol ?
Middle row - in front of nose - ex-Battle of Britain Sq.Ldr (who threw me all over the airfield in a Chipmunk).
Middle row, 2 to his left - Plt.Off. Ken Clements, far right - Ray Woodgate.
Front row - Myself in front of Sq.Ldr; 5 from right - Knight.
This is not only the LCGS squadron, but also includes some people
from an ATC (the ones with the 'button-up' uniforms)
Cadet Camp Easter - Debden

1963 - RAF Waddington

From Richard Merrall

Back row, L to R: Ralph Winsor, Gregson, ?, Sharp?, Les Noble, Robinson ?,
Bruce Kennedy, Nigel Packham, David Bolton.
First row: Stuart, David Ness, Ashdown, Ray Sabine, "Yash" Yarrow, Peter Noble,
Barry Woollard, Richard Merrall, Peter Dunn.
Cadet Camp 1964 - Hullavington

1966 - RAF Colerne

From Nigel Packham

Back row, L to R: Steve Morling, Roger Cornes, Sabine, Dunn, Nick Carthew, Phil Alexander, Winsor.
Middle row: ?, Fantome, Chris Breeds, Kennard, ?, Mike Beresford.
First row: Kennedy, Kevin McIntyre, Steve Evershed, Vincent, Nigel Packham. Camp 1966 - RAF Colerne

1962 ? - RAF Oakington ?

From Barrie Woollard

Barrie has just found these two pictures but is not entirely certain where or when they were taken. Can anyone else confirm ?

From left,in one long row, Joe Watmore, Barrie Woollard, Daniel Massey, Alan Deschamps, John Culligan,
Eric Ric, Dave Evans, ?, Ken Noble, Peter Dunn, Ashdown, Ray Sabine.
Camp 1962/3 - RAF somewhere

Standing, Peter Dunn, John Culligan, Ashdown, Ken Noble, Albury?, Terrry Coleman, Richard Valpy, Roger Biggs, unknown, Barrie Woollard
Seated ?, Richard Merrall, Maths teacher 'Digger' Rowell, Joe Watmore, Daniel Massey.
Camp 1962/3 - RAF somewhere

1962 ? - RAF Hullavington ?

From Mark Vincent

Back Row: Brian Catlin,Ian Bullock, Kim Fuller, Nick Hackett, Ralph Winsor
Middle Row: ?, Steve Morling, Paul Ashdown, Noble, Males?, Rod Stewart
Front Row: Nigel Packham, Mark Vincent, Joe Watmore, George Swan, Ray Sabine, Derek Kennard, Sharp.

Camp 1965 - RAF Hullavington ?