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Scouts- Loch Ossian 1959

Scouts - Pyrenees 1960

The senior Scout trip to the Pyrenees. Not everyone is present - this is a spanish bar with the publican looking very smug upper left so I'm not sure if those missing are the dipsomaniacs still inside, or the teatotallers.

Frank Bunce 1960

These photos show this remarkable athlete shot putting - his favourite sport. Since he could run the 100 yds in less than 11 sec, and weighed.....a lot(!) we were pretty depressed not to be able to get him interested in Rugby.

Frank Frank

Senior 220 1960

Taming of the Shrew 1961

House Match 1962

I'm not sure which houses were involved in the house match, but since I took the photos, it wasn't Lewes.

House Match 1962 House Match 1962