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Form Photos

Various Years

Form Science 6A/3rd year 1959-60 and Transitus 5A 1957-58

Quentin English

Back Row L to R: Whittle, J. Firth, Henfrey, Gant, Coe, Mr. Gourlay.
Front: Perry, Swann, R. Moon, Crouch, Sowerby, J. Moon, Cann, Silk, Lewis, Sandercock, Jones, Roberts, Q. English.
Science 6A + 3rd year 59-60

Back, L to R: Palmer, R. Moon, Shepherd, Stevens, Senior, Swann, Lavender, Sutherland, Opienski, Yarrow, Beattie, Crouch.
Middle: Henfrey, Ash, Coe, Lewis, Mr. Pope, Helsdon, Gibson, Gilbert, Tucknott, Chidgey.
Front: Letton, Muller, Carder, Q. English, Mylett, Whittle, Porter.
Transitus 5A 1957-58

Form 4A 1962-63

Trevor Cornford

Back Row: Osborne, Trevor Cornford, James, Taplin, Kennard, Mr Gem, Chapman,
Wilson, Hay?, Young, White, Roger Devenish, Massey, Miles, Newman, Thompson
Seated: Dunn, Jarvis, Sabine, Jeans, Gilbert, Greenland, Humphrey, Briggs?, Tony Rich, Ferguson
Front Row: Hunter?, Robertson, Cottington, Ticehurst, Noel, Albuary, Muddell, Yare, Neil Pitcairn
Not Present: Hayler, Alexander
Form 4A 1962-63
Form 4A 1962-63

Form 3C July 1964

From Simon Pettitt

Back Row:????
Middle Row: ????
Front: ????
Form 3C July 1964

Form 5A 1945/46

From David Barwell and Desmond Fowlie

Standing: R Stepney, David Barwell, A Sharp, E G Hill , J E Laker, Clive Evans, John Fernee,
B N Amos, Peter Cornwell, Rowley Mecklenburgh, W Troy, R Fahey, Brookes.
Seated: D Hayes, John Fryatt, A J Nichols, H M Holmwood, C P Sexton, Mr Davies,
G Blackmore, D G Carter, D F Arnold, P L Shoesmith.
Front: R J Stevens, G Sandals, J M Hall, K J Page, D S Fowlie.
Absent: R Platts, J Sales.
Form 5A 45/46

Form 5B 1948/49

From Ken Negus

Standing: Turner, Negus, Thorpe, Preece, Robus, Carter, Tuppen,
Hayward, Nicholson, Stiles, Farley, James, Baker, Vennal, Gordon Luck, John Luck, Manser.
Seated: Dudeney, Welfare, Seagar, Ploughman, De Rohan, Mr. Page, Taylor, Oxley, Wilson.
Form 5B 48/49

Form 5B 1947/48 And Their Rugby Team

From Brian Channon

Back Row: Humphrey, Richards, Keith Divall, Brian Channon, Donald Long, Jack Greenaway, ?, John Craig.
Middle: Cyril Leeves, Dick Collins, Eric Fears, John Humphry, ?, Roger Jennings, Rodney Michele,
Ken Lynch, John Bird, John Wade, Gerald Sweatman, Wood.
Front: Trevor Philcox, Mike Nicholls, Mick Waller, Michael Pound, "Spud" Taylor.
Form 5B 47/48 Form 5B 47/48 Rugby Team

Form 5A 1946/47

From Stewart Symons

Back Row: Martin, Newman, Crouch, Kingswood, Allan, Eade, Stone, Pitt, Simmonds, Yates, Church.
Middle: Saunders, Powell, Bevan, Horswell, Jessop, Causeley, Manton.
Front: Winchester, Gray, Cardy, Tompsett, Browning.
Foreground: Barnes, Newnham.
Not Present: Boyes, Sherwin, Symons, Wood.
Form 5A 1946/47

Second Form Urchins 1962

From Simon Pettitt

Variously from left to right : Long, Pettitt, Linfield, Oast, (front) Hollands, Archer, Bulman.
Urchins 1962

VB 1943 and 2000

From Ray Gingell

July 1943

Rear: K. Bushnell, M. Will, M. Merrick, R. Gingell, A. Grainger, M. Hall, P. Read, R. Lee.
Seated: R. Sims, W. Prodger, E. Letts, J. Wilson, P. Laker, J. Stenning, J. Bean, R. Voice.
Front: J. Blackmore, H. Soar, G. Miles.
VB in July 1943

January 2001

L to R: -- J.Blackmore, R.Gingell, J.Lovegrove, M. Waldron, R.Brickell (rear), Groves (forward),
P.Laker, J.Wilson, V. Maywood, E. Davis, A. Grainger, J.Stenning.

VB in January 2000