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An Album of Gems

From Peter Gem (staff 51-65)

HEREWITH a few photographs for the Old Lewesians. I leave it to the victims to recognise themselves from all those years ago since they are probably now bald, fat, and generally decaying. Greetings to all who survived my lessons. All good wishes from
Peter Gem [Peter died 2005]

Prize-winners, Speech Day 1965

Award Winners

The History Sixth Form 1961

On Steps: ?, Michael Burley, Mick Sadler, Brian Knight, Mr. Webb,
Jeremy Greenland, Ray Pearmain, Hurst, Antony Carvill, Dave Charman.
Front: Badger, Welsh.
The History Sixth 1961

David Stephens and Michael Walton on History Society Expedition

David Stephens and Michael Walton

History Society expedition to Lincoln1958.

Lincoln expedition 1958

History Society expedition to Hadrian's Wall 1963 outside hostel.

Outside the Youth Hostel

Hugh Tayler's Retirement

Mr Hoggins and Hugh Tayler

The First Chapel Service

Chapel interior - the first service

Mr Ives caught napping!

Mr Ives wakes up with a start

History Society near Wells 1956

The Party Near Wells

Cowering from the wind at Hadrian's Wall 1963

Shelter from the wind at Hadrian's Wall

John Mould doing his Japanese face, chez Gem.

This Nip could easily be mistaken for John Mould Aaah - So! him big joker? Mais Oui, mes enfants!

Tim Bleach impersonates Dick Emery as a Roman Centurion

Good God, what is Tim Bleach up to now? Tomorrow, men, we will crush the Scots . . .

John Webb at the staff party

Wassamara ? Wannalil drink? hic ! Spider at the bottle again !

Staffroom discussion, history department

... when it comes to pipe tobacco. There's nothing like a good shag ...

Messing about in boats

Go on, kick him in the . . . Brian Richards and Colin Silk - all at sea

A summer evening staff party at Hugh's place at Barcombe

Bill White, Bill Euston, Albert Knight, Derek Ives (in cap), John Webb, Barry Pratt.
Sitting - Brian Richards, Hugh Tayler, David Stevens, Colin Silk (facing away in boater).
Staff party at Barcombe

Hugh Tayler and Mrs Tayler at home in their garden.

Hugh Tayler and Mrs Tayler