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Mr Ives' Album 1961 - 63

From Derrick Ives

HERE at last are the staff-room photos, taken between March 1961 and February 1963, that I promised before Xmas 2002. Please excuse the delay. Christmas, followed by haymaking and sheep-shearing have been major occupations.

Note that many photos feature tea-cups; it was always tea-time in the staff-room but never washing-up time! But bugs never bred on the dirty crockery - they were killed by the lethal concentration levels of nicotine.

On the evidence of these photos an equal number of pipe-smokers (Peter Gem, Harry Pett, John Webb, Bill White andothers) and cigarette addicts (Bill Pearce, Lawrie Shaw, Peter Jackson, Peter Taylor, Ken Gourlay and others) were slaves to the wicked weed. Given the large number of heavy smokers crammed in the rather small staff-room it is no surprise that many others eventually fell victim. How ignorant we were of the dangers. It wouldn't be allowed today.

Plans for a New Swimming Pool - 1961

Plans for the New Swimming Pool

Dick Page explains plans for one of his "little schemes". "Here you've got yer diving board, and over there's yer pump and yer filtration plant. That little blue square's yer foot bath...."

Left to Right: Peter Toy (Art), Peter Jackson (Metalwork - seated at rear), John Webb (History), Dick Page (Geography and Games), Hugh Tayler (Latin and R.E.), Keith Herbert (Hist, Geog, French), Mike Norgrove (German - seated, back to camera).

[Can someone tell us more of this ? Was it ever built? Where? When? Why? Funding?]

Consultations Consultations

Left to Right: Bill Pearce (Physics), Harry Hoggins (Physics and Senior Master), Ken Gourlay (chemistry) and Jim Nicholls (Geography).

Note the condition of Ken's lab coat. Obviously well matured!

Mathematician's Delight

Albert Knight and Harry Pett

To use a phase of his own, Albert Knight has a perfunctory butchers at some homework, while Harry dreams of other mathematical pleasures or cricket perhaps?

A Delicate Matter

Dicky Page and Hugh Tayler

Dick listens carefully while Hugh puts forward a suggestion. Arguably, Hugh's grasp of geography was marginally better that Dick's knowledge of Latin, so the discussion was probably along the lines of "Er, ... well, ... how about Bloggins in the back row and Smithers at prop ?"

Or was it further consideration of the proposed new swimming pool? "Er, ... well, ... personally I always preferred that beautiful pea green colour, but ... if it has to be blue ... I suppose ... "

"Titbits" - Examining the Finer Points

Considering the finer points

Bill White, Ken Gourlay, Dick Page, and John Webb enjoy a light hearted if ribald moment as they undertake an in-depth analysis of material confiscated from pupils, probably in Remove B where testosterone levels were at that time reaching dangerously high levels.

"Whooorrrhh! Take a look at those !"

"You don't get many of those to the pound !"

"Well, I'd be happy to get hold of a pair !"

"She has Bristol's fullest support . . . so it says here . . "

"Wheww! No wonder they weren't paying attention . . "

Brass Monkey Weather

Lost a glove, Harry ?

No, this isn't a still from a staff-room production of "An Inspector Calls" by J.B.Priestley - it's Harry Pett investigating the mysterious disappearance of his left glove by querying the prime suspect. But Mike Norgrove is the picture of innocence.

"Did any member of staff recently lose a left glove ?"
"Yes, Harry - you did !" (collapse of stout party).

Harry togs up to face the weather. He is about to return home on his bike (did he ever run a car ?). By some mis-fortune his left glove has disappeared and Harry is not best pleased. But he is philosophical. "Call this cold? You should have been on the Murmansk run in the winter of 41/42 ! "

The English Department Confer

Biil, Barry and Colin confer

Bill Euston, Barry Pratt and Colin Silk have an informal departmental conference.

Barry expounds, Bill listens and Colin gives the matter his full attention, Colin looking very dapper with his dicky-bow and crisp suit.

In the background, seated, is Brian Richards (Music).

A Microscopic Examination

That must be yer what'sit

Bill Euston, Bill White, John Davey, Dick Page, Doug Hallums undertake an inter-disciplinary examination of a new microscope.

Dick has yet to discover that you look in the thingummy at the top of the whatsit.

Note that they, like most people in receipt of new apparatus only read the instruction manual after they've broken it.

Candid Camera

Bill Euston Peter Taylor John Davey

Bill Euston in happy mood as usual. Just about to open his pools winnings ?

Peter Taylor relaxes unaware of the camera. Seconds after the shot was taken he asked who had been photographed. When told it was him he replied: 'You bastard !'

John Davey with quizical look.

Keith Herbert Lawrie Shaw Barry Pratt

Keith Herbert looking a bit out of sorts. Is it the mumps or nicotine poisoning? Mumps!

Lawrie Shaw catching the smoking habit from his elders.

Barry Pratt smoking and drinking in a thick haze of tobacco smoke. Another one!