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A staff marriage in School Chapel

Brian Wilson (59-66)

Mr Ives weds in School Chapel

THIS wedding photo of the groom with his new bride, taken outside the main door of the School Chapel, also shows the scout guard of honour (with ice axes!) . This was a surprise for the happy couple who were not expecting it. I am on the right with Bruce Upton on the left. I cannot distinguish the other faces. She was on the school staff teaching biology but I cannot recall her name. He, of course taught French at the school for many years.

Staff-Room Scenes

Headmaster and Staff - 1955

Taken in the west quad with the assembly hall in the background

From Mel Tayler

Staff 1955

Headmaster and Staff - 1969

Complete (?)staff photo from LCGS's last term, Summer 1969

From Marcus Taylor

Staff 1969

Mr John Farmer (Biology)

John Farmer

This photograph was recently found by Steve Shelagh in one of his slide boxes. He doesn't remember exactly why or when he took the photo but writes :-

"I was at the school from 1963 to 1970 (Priory School for the last year) Mr Farmer joined after I did, I remember the School Magazine interview where his reply to the 'Favourite drink?' question was something to the effect of, 'Any kind of flavoured water' so that would narrow the date a little more.

However, whenever or why ever it was taken it is clearly a picture of him posed beside his beloved Ford Escort (he used to wax lyrical about its crossflow cylinder head). In the background, incidentally, is the mini van of the lab. technician, Bill Tuck. "