Girls Blazer Badge Boys Blazer Badge

Cross Country

From Glenn Holberton 1968/69

The Off

L to R. ?,?,Julian Mcdowell, Mike Braun?, Roger Brankin (in rugby shirt), Glenn Holberton (in white tennis shirt), Andrew Berry (glasses), Toby Ebert, Andy Ruffhead foreground in dark banded singlet, Martin Hemingway (in white), at back Nigel Higgs, 3 or 4 unknown/obscured, Dave Fielding ? in f/g white shirt, at back Stevens, Hugh Towers, Dave Cox in running singlet, unknown, Jeremy Anthony, unknown, Tim Cox , Phil Barnett, Andy Palfreyman (rugby shirt and bare feet), Dave Carey (obscured by Andy P).

Can anybody fill in the gaps ...? I seem to recall that Jon Tooley was there and possibly Matt Short, Maurice Henderson, Ivor Hendley, Jon Anthony, Peter Williams . . .

Richard Charman has responded : "I am the figure in white in the foreground of that photo. " and clarified that : "I meant the small lad centre foreground in white in an all action pose "

From Brian Phillips c.1964

Mud glorious mud!

From Peter Lane (via Barrie Woollard)

Barrie has talked about this photo (published in the Sussex Express c.1960 )for many years but has never managed to find his copy. Peter Lane has kept his.
Barrie is convinced that the lad just entering the water is Eric Mears. Eric doesn't agree ! Does anyone else recognise the chap ?

Even more mud! Anyone recognise him ?

If it's any help, this was what Eric looked like in early 1961

The real Eric.