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Chapel Fund - an update

Mindful of the need to ensure continuity in the management of the Trust, new members have been elected to serve as Trustees and the full list of Trustees now has representatives from most of the generations that attended the Lewes County Grammar School for Boys.

               Chairman and Treasurer        John Davey (1949-57 and 1960-66)

               Secretary                                   Paul Hayler (1959-66)

               Trustee                                      Brian Honess (1947-54)

               Trustee                                     Martyn Relf (1960-66)

               Trustee                                     Alan Pett (1959-66)

               Trustee                                     David Carter (1963-69)

               Trustee                                     John Murray (1963-69)

               Trustee                                     John Gower (1963-69)

               Trustee (ex officio)                 Tony Smith (Headmaster, Priory School)

The letter that was sent to all Old Lewesians in the Spring of 2012, resulted in 29 individual donations to the Priory School Memorial Chapel Fund totalling £1345.00.

Work was completed on the new altar furnishings during 2011 and, in the Summer holiday period this year, the Chapel Fund met the cost of the re-decoration of the Chancel and both the North and South aisles. A small reserve remains in the bank lest any urgent need arises, but it is not envisaged that any major expenditure will be incurred prior to the anticipated boost to the Chapel Fund that might be expected following the planned 2014 Reunion of the Old Lewesians Organisation.

The Trustees are most grateful that members of the Old Lewesians Organisation, in spite of the inevitable decrease in their number, are always willing to respond to a request and thus to enable the Chapel Fund to continue to fulfil its role in ensuring that succeeding generations of pupils are able to find in the Chapel a place of spiritual refreshment and cultural enlightenment - a unique feature for a school to possess in today's materialistic world.

In case there may yet be others still minded to respond to our earlier request for support,

We are now registered for gift aid. If you are a UK tax payer please send your cheque payable to   'Lewes Priory School Memorial Chapel Fund' with a completed copy of the gift aid form to Paul Hayler, 60 Northfield Gardens, Watford, Herts WD24 7RE

John Davey

84 Turners Mill Road
Haywards Heath
West Sussex
RH16 1NJ