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Chapel Trustees

John Davey

Minutes of Meeting - Thursday 12th July 2001
Present: Martyn Ofield (Headteacher, Priory School), Ivor Wycherley (Chairman), John Davey, Jim Peters and Ray Brickell.

1. Minutes of the meeting held on 18th January 2001 were accepted.

2. Matters Arising

Organ [renovate and upgrade] : Deferred due to higher priority of the structural survey of the Chapel.

Structural Survey : The Trustees agreed that due to the urgency of the work it could not wait for an appeal to raise the money required. Martyn Ofield has already agreed to get the work done from school funds in the summer, despite the pressure this places on the school budget. The Trustees will make an appeal. Priory School will send out an appeal letter. John Davey will supply addresses. Martyn will draft text and send to John Davey.

3. Accounts

Ivor reported on the accounts.

4. AOB

The Chapel Trustees agreed to consider supporting Priory School in its Arts Specialist College bid. Martyn Ofield will write to the Trustees requesting support in the form of a promissary note. Martyn will also send a copy of the bid to the Trustees. The bid includes plans to renovate and upgrade the organ.

Subject to receipt of the copy of the bid the Trustees were minded to agree support in the form of a promissory note for £6,000.

John Davey will put these minutes on the Old Lewesians website.

Date of next meeting : Thursday 17th January 2002 at 2.30pm at Priory School in the Headteacher's Office.

Agenda :
1. Minutes
2. Matters Arising
3. Accounts
4. AOB

Note by John Davey

The Chapel Trustees have now pledged their support in the sum of £6,000 for the Priory School's bid to become an Arts Specialist College. The bid was submitted in October and an outcome is expected early in the New Year.

If the bid is successful, then the essential role of the Chapel in the future develoment of musical education provided at the school should ensure that its maintenance and that of the component parts, viz, organ, etc., will be provided for by the additional Government funding available to the school.

If the bid be unsuccessful, however, then the pledged funds will not leave the Trust a/c and it will fall to the Trust to continue its responsibility for the care and maintenance of the Chapel.