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A letter to all parents from the Headmaster, 1952

From Kerry Hoadley

T his foolscap size note sent to parents by Mr Bradshaw in 1952, gives graphic testimony to the financial and economic stringency even after seven years of post-war "recovery". The agonising about an extra sixpence on the so called "Games Sub" seems unbelievable today. That extra sixpence, the equivalent of two ice-creams, would have brought in about £10 for the whole school. It was not only money that was in short supply; football boots and sports kit were in very short supply and therefore very expensive. This shortage dated back ten years to the early part of the war so even second-hand equipment was rare. Many boys, unwilling to make heavy demands on their parents purse, had been playing games in old shoes or plimsoles and old worn-out flannel or cotton shirts for many years. It was to be another ten years before the "never had it so good" days arrived.



SPORTS DAY. I want to thank all parents who, by their contributions, by their help or by their presence, helped to make this function such an outstanding success. I feel that the function was most enjoyable both in the afternoon and in the evening. Parents will, no doubt, like to know what was the financial result. I cannot give the exact figure at this stage, but it would appear that there will be a balance in the neighbourhood of £90. As the function was not primarily for making money, I think this is an outstanding result and is some reflection of the amazing support that we normally get from our parents. Of this £90 only about £20 will be needed for our Blois visit, since the remainder was subscribed by those parents whose boys went to Blois last March . Hence, there should be nearly £70 for the Chapel Fund.

CHAPEL FETE. Owing to the generosity of parents, we had more gifts for Sports Day than we needed if we were to make the best use of them. I have, therefore, reserved these for Fete Day. The bottle of whiskey, for example, which was given will no doubt improve with keeping. I know that a number of parents are working hard with Fete day in view and we have already received a considerable quantity of goods which we are carefully storing.

SPEECH DAY. I should like to remind parents that Speech Day will be on Wednesday, October lst. Our principal guest has not yet been finally arranged. The County Architects Department have promised that the plans of the school Chapel will be available for inspection on that day.

GAMES SUBS. Parents know that we ask for a terminal subscription of two shillings, which is generously paid by practically every boy. It is called "Games Sub.". Actually it serves not only games but all the many little things for which the County Authority do not provide, for example £50 of each year's subscriptions goes to the school magazine, which I feel should be issued to every boy without charge to ensure that each pupil has a copy of his own school magazine.

Our Speech Day teas, when we usually have to provide for five to six hundred parents , has to be paid for from this fund. It is, in addition, of course, a reserve from which we meet games expenses which are not paid for by the County Authority. Unfortunately our allowance from the County has been cut, due to the economy circular issued by the Ministry to all Local Authorities. I have discussed this matter with the Parents Committee and to meet our difficulties, the Committee feel that it is necessary to ask parents for two-and-sixpence instead of two shillings. Actually this the sum we used to ask before the war, so I hope the extra sixpence will not create any difficulties.

GAMES EQUIPMENT. Might I remind parents that if each boy had a small cloth bag in which to put his valuables while playing games, and which could be handed to the master in charge, a number of unnecessary losses might be avoided.

One final point. Would parents consider whether a school rugger jersey might not be an economy in the long run. In the past we have been able to loan a certain number to boys. They have been provided by the County Authority. Again, as an economy, the County will not provide any more. If boys play in ordinary flannel shirts, they easily get torn.

I am sorry that financial matters have assumed so great a prominence in these notes.

Yours sincerely,

N. R. Bradshaw.