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Honours Boards

Lewes County Grammar School for Girls 1913 - 1969

Rescued and Photographed by John Etherton

Digitally restored by Maurice Hobden

YOU will probably remember that there were various trophies, shields, cups and other items mounted on the walls at LCGSG. After 1969 when the grammar schools no longer existed there were still diehard "grammarians" who carried on the traditions and so the boards continued at the Priory School with the criterion for inclusion becoming harder and harder to define.

Names continued to be added to the boards until 1979. Boys' and girls' names were added to the last boys' board and can be seen there. The boards were, we believe, situated in the new assembly hall built at the entrance to the site of the earlier boys grammar school and remained there for several years.

When the Priory School became a comprehensive school for 11 to 16 year-olds the boards simply did not fit into the new scheme. The old guard had given up the fight for the continuation of grammar school traditions and the honour boards and trophies were finally taken down.



Head Girls

The boards were put aside but it was realised that they had some historical value but no home could be found. We believe they were then stored in a barn, under less than ideal conditions, for many years pending a decision on their eventual fate. Recently they were offered to another school in the west country to be restored and recycled for some similar purpose. This has now been done and their original inscriptions no longer exist.

Thankfully they were photographed, before being given away, by John Etherton and with the aid of some digital restoration you can now see them here on the OLO website.