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LCGSB Plan View 1951 - 1969

Showing how the LCGS buildings were used

John Davey

YOU may be interested to see how the LCGS buildings have been adapted and added to since your School days. The plan view of the Sussex Downs College in 2008 is shown below and the key at the bottom of the page will help remind you how parts of the buildings were used during the closing years of LCGSB. The numbers refer to the SDC plan, which also shows how the buildings have been adapted and added to since your School days.

Sussex Downs College

KEY (clockwise from top LH corner)

23a/23b. Library
25. NRB's study
27/28. Assembly Hall /Dining Hall (separated by folding screen)
29. School Kitchen
Buttery. Art Room (Mr Gillam)
45-49. Chemistry/ Physics Labs (Messrs Gourlay, Hall, Hoggins)
58. Changing Room and Showers
60. History (Messrs Ollerenshaw, Gem)
1. Maths (Mr Eastman)
2. Latin (Mr Tayler)
3. English (Mr Euston)
5. Staff Room (with Prefects Room above)
7. French (Messrs Auld, Pope)
8. German/French (Messrs Ives, Norgrove - who will be at the Reunion)
9. Eng/Fre/ Hist (Messrs Davies, Glyn Davies - who will be at the Reunion)
10. English (Mr Silk)
17. Geography (Messrs Nicholls, Page)
TV Studio/19/20. Woodwork (Mr Larwill)
Rooms 81-85. The site of the West Quadrangle
Learning Resource Centre. The site of the East Quadrangle

In the area between the Quadrangles was a central corridor where the School Gymnasium was originally situated. (After the new Gymnasium was built (as shown on the plan) the old gym was converted to classrooms for Geography (Messrs Page and Roberts) and History/English (Messrs Webb and Voigt - who will be at the Reunion). Above these classrooms was an upper floor with a Biology Lab (Messrs White and Small) and an Advanced Chem/Physics Lab (Messrs Gourlay and Hoggins). All of this is rather 'approximate' because a good deal of re-arrangement of interior walls has taken place!