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Lewes Now

Showing Mountfield Road Schools and Lewes District in 2000

Lewes Map EDUCATION at secondary level in the Lewes area now has the Priory School for 11 to 16 year-olds and a separate Sixth-form Centre for the 16-19 age group. The Lewes Sixth-form Centre is part of the South Downs College of Further Education. Their website with all details can be found using Google.

The old buildings of LCGSB became the Lewes campus for the South Downs College, except for the chapel which is now part of the Priory School. The old LCGSB buildings were due to be demolished in 2010 and the site redeveloped, but due to the cut-backs and the reorganisation being planned by the LibCon government this is unlikely to happen anytime soon.

In the account of a visit to the 2004 Reunion there is a photo of the house that was the home of Mr Bradshaw, on the Kingston road. The location of that house is shown on the map below by a red arrow and the name "Withypool".

Lewes Map