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Mr Bradshaw Retires - July 1960


Extracts from the Sussex Expess & County Herald

During the 30 years that he has been Headmaster of Lewes County Grammar School for Boys, Mr Bradshaw has raised £30,000 in funds for the benefit of the school.

This was mention by Mr E. C. C. Wynter, an old boy of the school, at a reunion at the School on Saturday evening attended by some 200 former pupils who came to wish their old 'head' a happy retirement at the end of this month. They presented Mr Bradshaw with gifts that were the work of East Sussex artist-craftsmen, and a substantial cheque earmarked to be used for the purpose of a good holiday.

Mr I. C. A. Wycherley, who was a pupil from 1932 to 1937, welcomed present-day members of the school staff, and old boys from many places. Some had come from the north country and the depths of Wales. Many overseas had sent apologies, declaring that they were with the rest of the company in spirit. Mr Wycherley introduced as the most suitable person to make the presentations an old boy of 1930 - the school's first year. He called upon Mr Wynter, an Oxford rugger blue, now a grammar school headmaster himself, at Midsomer Norton, Somerset.

Mr Wynter referred at some length to Mr Bradshaw's academic honours, his achievements and his vast number of successes. He voiced the gratitude of all to the master who had done so much for them.

Various Funds

He went on to speak of the funds raised and the work inspired by the 'Head,' which resulted in the construction of the school stage, for dramatic performances, the purchase of camping equipment, the 'Career Fund,' the making of the swimming bath and, finally, the Herculean task of raising £26,000 for the School Chapel.

Amid the applause he asked Mr Bradshaw to accept a cheque, extracting from him at the same time a promise that he would use it on a holiday and not pay it into the Chapel Fund.

He also handed the retiring headmaster a paper-weight, a miniature of the school Chapel carved in black marble by Mr John Skelton and a table salver, in hand-hammered silver, engraved with the school crest. This was also designed and engraved by Mr Skelton, and made by Miss Angela Prudence, of Ditchling. Both gifts are works of art of considerable distinction. Mr Wynter read aloud the inscription on the salver: 'To N. R. J. Bradshaw, M. A., first headmaster of the Lewes County Grammar School, 1930 to 1960, from the old boys, with respect and affection.'

The Headmaster Replies

Mr Bradshaw, responding with emotion, expressed his appreciation of the remarkable and outstanding gifts he had received. He continued, in amusing vein, to draw on his reminiscences of 30 years teaching at the school.

Afterwards he conducted the old boys round the Chapel and showed them recent improvements to the school buildings. Refreshments were served and toasts drunk as old friendships were renewed. The Re-union, the first since 1950, was voted the best ever. It was organised and the fund was collected by Mr Wycherley and Mr D. H. Williams.

Many of those who came stayed on at Lewes for the week-end to attend the dedication service at the Chapel the following day.