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News 2008

A Brief Resume by Webmaster

Jan - Mar

Possible Reunion in the autumn of 2008

WE PROPOSE to hold a reunion of Old Lewesians and their guests this autumn at the Priory School in Lewes. You can follow developments here on the OLO website under the "Reunion" index. We will invite you to apply for tickets from 1st May if we have received sufficient support for this event.

Membership Secretary

Please note that Eric Mears is now our Membership Secretary and he will deal with any problems that members have concerning their membership details such as changes of addresses, problems with passwords, etc and also he will be leading our recruitment campaign to search out and find new members and missing members. All queries on such matters to Eric, please. This takes some of the load off your webmaster who can concentrate on keeping the website up to date.

Apr - Jun

The Reunion

WE have received sufficient numbers of members recording their intention to attend a reunion in September that we can proceed with the planning. Johm Davey will make the arrangments in Lewes and ticket applications will be handled online by your webmaster Maurice Hobden. We need to have sufficient applications with cheques by June 30th to ensure we reach financial break-even point. John Davey has negociated prices for the Buffer Lunch and for the Dinner at slightly less than in 2004 to encourage maximum attendance. So please do come if you possibly can. We need your support!

Jul - Sep

The Reunion

BY June 30th we received sufficient applications to allow us to go ahead with both the afternoon reunion at the Priory School and also the evening dinner at the White Hart Hotel. Tickets will now be printed and they will be sent out by post at the end of July.

We are pleased to find that there has been a late flurry of applications, many from new members, who have been discovered during our recruitment and publicity campaign. As at 18th July we are assured of 250+ at the Reunion and possible more in the pipe-line!

Oct - Dec

The Reunion

OUR Reunion in September was very successful with about 300 attendees. It ran to a similar program as the earlier reunion in 2004. It is hoped to have another reunion to celebrate the 40th anniverary of the founding of the School Chapel in 2010. The Old Lewesians does not stand still - it is continually evolving.

Plans for changes in 2009

Firstly, we are getting more younger members involved in the management of the organisation with deputy chairman, webmaster, and other helpers. Time marches on and fresh blood is needed.

Secondly, we are modernising the website infra-structure to provide non-techical management with tools to interact with members. The Chairman will now communicate directly with members using a website Bulletin Board. Our Membership Secretary will have a number of internet facilities to keep in contact with and keep track of Members. This current News page will be the last - members should refer to the Chairmans Bulletin Board to keep up with current OLO matters.

Thirdly, we are opening a section on the OLO website for the Old Girls of LCGS for Girls. This will take some time to grow but we hope they will eventually be completely integrated with the OLO and maybe hold joint reunions with the Old Boys at Lewes. Initially there will be a section with Index called "LCGSG" on the OLO website topline where the Old Girls material will appear. They will also have their own Secretary to coordinate their activities, Anita Loveday.

The Distant Future

In the longer term we may extend membership to a date around 1979 when the Priory School ceased to have its own sixth-form and completely lost its remaining "grammar" school character. But this something to be decided in the distant future. This type of organisation is, generally speaking, only of interest to those approaching retirement.