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News 2010

A Brief Resume by Webmaster

Jan - Jun

A Busy Year - Reunion and New Website Content

AFTER a hesitant start it was decided to go ahead with the Anniversary Reunion on September 4th this year. All the usual routine work emailing and sending postal members letters and forms has been set up and bookings began in April. Eric Mears is overseeing the booking process and it is now confirmed that the events (Reunion with Buffet Lunch, Chapel Service and Evening Dinner) are going ahead.

The Old Girls were asked to support the reunion but, no surprise, only a few have chosen to come and most of these have family connections to Old Boys and in some cases are related to Old Boys who died in WW2 and are commemorated in the Chapel. However the Old Girls Secretary and her friends have set up an alternative reunion on the same day for other Old Girls at their former buildings in Potter's Lane. Some of them may walk over to Mountfield Road to tour the old LCGSB buildings and call in to see the Priory School reunion.

Considerable progess has been made on the Old Girls panoramic photos. We now have all twelve of the post-war panoramas and over 2000 faces have been named by OLO members, mostly Old Girls. We have also had copies of the "Chronicle" magazine sent from as far away as New Zealand which have been scanned and shown on the website. There are just a few yet to be tracked down.

The Old Girls have also made contributions to our forums and have sent in a few other items for display. We hope that as more of them join the OLO they will come up with other items or compositions about their days at LCGSG.

Jul - Dec

The Future of the Old Lewesians Organisation

NOW we have successfully dealt with the 2010 reunion we can take a more leisurely view of the OLO and ask ourselves what service it can provide to the old-lewesians and the wider community? Our Webmaster and Chairman can review the current situation and will be pleased to hear the views of members and other interested parties. Expect to hear more on this topic over the next few months!

Retirements and New Appointments

John Davey has been appointed Vice-President and Martyn Relf has taken over as Chairman of the Old Lewesians Organisation. Martyn is also a Chapel Trustee and our main contact with the new Headmaster of the Priory School. Eric Mears has taken over as OLO Webmaster and is also acting as Membership Secretary until an appointment can be made. Maurice Hobden has retired but is busy updating software for the website for the next generation of browsers.

Future Improvements to the Old Lewesians Website

We can get back to our original plans to upgrade the OLO website to improve its underlying structure to ensure that it will be compatible with the next generation of internet browsers. The first step in this process is to improve the code so that all the files are valid as "XHTML 1 Transitional" standard. This will improve the ability of users of Firefox and Safari to read our material correctly. When this is achieved we will be looking to move on to the "HTML5" standard which will be the working standard used by browsers in the next few years.