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Old Lewesians Organisation

Cookie Policy

OLO websites comply with Regulation 6 of the UK Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 (PECR). The law and its requirements are described in the official guide. The only Cookies used on OLO websites are 'Session Cookies' which fall into 'Category 1' of the above guide. They are classed as "strictly necessary cookies".

A 'session cookie' is a small file created on a member's computer when they log on with their password. It contains a large random number sent from the server which acts as a temporary pass allowing access to 'members only' parts of our website. The server checks this cookie before responding to a request for 'members only' pages. In effect it certifies the request comes from a logged on member. The cookie is the key to unlock our private pages. Non-members cannot log on, do not receive cookies and do not have access to our private pages.

A session cookie remains on the member's computer until the browser is closed. The user is then automatically logged off and the cookie is completely deleted. The Old Lewesians websites do not use any other form of cookie. No information is collected on your browsing habits or history or personal details by cookies or any other means.

Members of the OLO, being bound by item 7 of our Conditions, are ipso facto deemed to have made informed consent to the use of category 1 cookies.