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The OLO Facebook Group

We have recently introduced a Facebook page

A public platform for the Old Lewesians to meet and exchange views

Our main objective in having a presence on Facebook is that we might attract a wider audience to the OLO website. Most young people these days seem to regard having their own Facebook account as an essential way of keeping in touch with their peers and although few of us would regard ourselves as young we may well have children - or even grandchildren - who are FB users. Perhaps any kids who happen across our FB page will be able to bring the Old Lewesians website to the attention of parents or grand-parents who we've never managed to find any other way. However, FB isn't just for kids - there are many silver surfers who have been told by their offspring that an FB account is an essential part of modern life and some of them may well come our way too!

It may also be found useful for OLO members who are too shy to use our existing forum pages to post messages or links that may be of interest to other members.

OLO membership is not a pre-requisite for joining this wider FB group. Conversely membership of the FB group alone does not qualify for OLO membership, which is for pupils and staff of the Lewes County Grammar Schools before 1969.

To visit the Facebook page Click here to visit our Facebook site click on this Facebook logo