Girls Blazer Badge Boys Blazer Badge

First XV v. Old Boys 1967

From Ian Morris

First XV on Left (dark shirts)
Back Row L to R: Ketcher, Lewin, Stream, Ness, Morris, Morling, Precey, Clarke.
Front Row L to R: Miles, Jeans, Coe, Bullock, Beal, Brown, Pratt.

Old Boys on Right (light shirts)
Back Row: Clive Branson(guest), Mr Norgrove(referee), John Drake, George Swan, Peter Hall,
Andy Massey, Ray Sabine, Malcolm Young, Dave Thomas(guest), ?, John Wilkinson.
Front Row: Arthur Powell, Roger Meyer, Paul Ferguson, Trevor Botting, Terry Powell.
First XV 1967 left - Old Boys right

Old Boys 67/68

From Roger Meyer

Far Back Row L to R: Chris Miles, Andy Sutherland, Peter Hall, Willie Sutherland.
Middle Row L to R: Gordon Harris (ref), Ray Sabine, Paul Ferguson, Dick Bliss, Malcolm Young, Terry Powell.
Front Row L to R: Trevor Botting, Nick Russell, George Swan, John Drake, Mick Coe, Roger Evans, Roger Meyer.
First XV 1967 left - Old Boys right