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Zebedee's Children

A Newspaper Article circa 1967

from Simon Pettitt

Zebedee's Children

FOUR fifth-formers from Lewes County Grammar School for Boys are making a name for themselves in the beat world around Lewes and Uckfield. Three months ago they formed themselves into a group, called themselves Zebedee’s Children and have had bookings in Lewes, Buxted and Ditchling.

They are: Dave Bolton (vocalist), of Buxted, and Mike Barnes (bass guitar), Robert Murfin (drums), and Roger Lacey (lead guitar), of Lewes. All are aged 16, and are studying for G.C.E. ‘O’ level examinations which they take this year. Although the group was launched only a month or so before Christmas, Mick, Robert and Roger had played together for about a year, so knew each other’s style.

Dave joined them and added strength to the vocal side. Now they feel the need of a rhythm guitar, and anyone who would like to join them in that capacity should contact their manager, Mr. K. Bolton, at Heatherdene Farm, Howbourne Lane, Pound Hill, Buxted.

The group play a mixture of Top Twenty numbers, ‘soul’ and ‘R. and B.’ songs. And they include one or two of their own numbers such as ‘Girl’ and ‘Stop messing around’ in their programmes. Dave writes the lyrics and Roger the music. Zebedee’s Children have proved popular with the teenagers, which is some reward for the many practice sessions they have put in at St. Mary’s Social Centre, Lewes, during weekends and school holidays. They expect soon to be shipping their equipment - worth £130 - to new headquarters at Buxted.

They have high hopes for the future and anticipate a busy round of bookings. It is pretty strenuous going but they do not mind that, for they enjoy playing, and it makes a pleasant break in their G.C.E. studies.